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arienette j o'reilley

your 1962 prom queen

14.4.08 13:29

ya know, lemme just rant a minute.
i invest time in people. when theyre around, im with them. because i care about friendships and maintaining them. and when i make plans, i try my damnedest to keep them. because thats the kind of person i am. oh, and if i cant keep them for some reason, i at least attempt to let the person i made plans with know in advance. so, perchance, they could find something else to do. i think i deserve the same sort of respect, right?
ya, well, im getting married. and moving out of town. so that makes my life monumentally successful, right? damn straight. barely over 100 days to go and im already counting them down like what. 95 more days of work. 33 more days for kyle to be in school. someone's life's about to change.
but lord knows im going to sit here and stew about how im always the second best.
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